Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Journey gets Pneumonia

Journey has had his fair share of complications in these eight months on this earth. As his mother I know just about everything there is to know about this little angel of mine. His breathing has been raspy for as long as I can remember and yet we have yet to find the cause of this. However, when I noticed there was something else wrong I called his doctor right away. He has a wheezing in his breathing that I could feel through his chest and back. He also was not sleeping and crying all the time and had a temperature that was a little on the high side.

When the doctor had the idea that he might have pneumonia he sent us directly to the hospital. My thirty minute doctors appointment has now turned into a five hour wait at the emergency room. Trust me I would rather have nails drilled into my toes then wait in an emergency room with many many sick people when my child is sick. Anyways, it wasn't until the chest x-rays came back that I found out that my little angel, indeed, had pneumonia.

This is so awful! I hear news about people, babies and perfectly healthy grown adults, dying from complications with pneumonia. What does this mean for my little baby, who has already gone through so much in his short little Journey??

I left that hospital around 1:30 in the morning with antibiotics and inhaler and numerous "rules" that the doctor has given me. Journey now lives off of a nebulizer machine along with many additions to his daily medication routine. By the way, I am not one to give my children medication either. I have studied holistic medicine and natural approaches but Journey has just put me at a loss.

Journey is doing better. He still smiling and still laughing and being the same old enjoyable angel we all know him to be. He is such an inspiration to my life. My worries all seem to melt away when I realize how strong the two of us are. I feel we can get through anything.

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