Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Journey 9 months

We finally saw the neurologist and got to schedule Journey's sleep study. I have been waiting to have his sleep study for months now and now it is scheduled!! My other children were sleeping through the night at 3-4 months, Journey still has only slept through the night once....he is 9 months old!!! I am so ready to see why.

Mother's day had recently passed and I had the best day with my family. We went to see the Great and Powerful Oz and Journey enjoyed watching the BIG screen. He gets so excited and thinks he is a big boy doing big things like the rest of the family. I love seeing him interact more with us as well as his brother and sisters.

Journey is doing better trying to sit up and we have been working on his gross motor skills right now. He has got some good strength in his upper body, he pushes up onto his arms and holds himself up for quite a while. He is reaching and grabbing his toys now and rolling around to get where he wants.

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